Environmental toxins risking our brains


The air we inhale might be harmful to our brains, as indicated by a late study. A phenomenal partnership of driving researchers, wellbeing experts and youngsters’ and ecological wellbeing advocates concur surprisingly that today’s experimental confirmation bolsters a connection between exposures to dangerous chemicals in air, water, sustenance and regular …

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Got frizzy hair? Here’s the solution


With the sound of downpour in the rainstorm comes the apprehension of bunched up hair, irritated scalp and male pattern baldness. Hair care turns into all the more critical in the blustery season on the grounds that your hair has a tendency to lose dampness content because of large amounts …

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How you can save your skin, and some lives


Almost 1.4 lakh Indians kick the bucket of blazes each year. Seven skin banks set up together get only 600 gifts that could spare them. Four-year-old Divyanshi Moon’s face illuminates as she culls two pink roses from a shrub outside her home in Nagpur’s Bhagmar Nagar. She tucks one behind …

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Now, a supplement that switches off junk food cravings


Sugary treats and calorie-pressed party time drinks all abandon us requesting all the more, however now, a group of researchers may have figured out how to just switch off those ruining yearnings. Eating a sort of powdered nourishment supplement, taking into account an atom created by microorganisms in the gut, …

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Paracetamol in pregnancy may up autism, ADHD risk in kids


Taking basic painkillers amid pregnancy all the more frequently is liable to raise the danger of a mental imbalance and consideration shortage hyperactivity issue (ADHD) in youngsters, particularly young men, new research cautions. The discoveries likewise demonstrated that pre-natal presentation to paracetamol raises the danger of extreme introvertedness range sicknesses …

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Revamp your home this Eid


Eid has dependably been a family issue, however nowa days individuals likewise trust in making a wonderful domain for their family and visitors so that everybody can appreciate the blowout and leave the table satisfied. After steady first light to-nightfall fasting for 29 to 30 days, Eid is that solitary …

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Home trends to try out this monsoon


Splendid divider hues, flower upholstery and monochrome decals are staying put this season. Here are a few alternatives accessible for you. Soul divider Numerous a times, a great many people utilize one single shading in their home as the point of convergence. This pattern is old fashioned. Rather, utilize a …

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Home improvement and all that jazz


Sorry dahling , would you be able to talk up? I can’t hear a thing. We have laborers in the house.” “We’d adoration to see you, yet the whole ground surface has been pulled up and we’re hopping from couch to seat, to table.” “We’re re-doing the washroom and we …

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Tips to take care of your shoes during monsoon


Keeping up your shoes amid rainstorm can be an errand. Brushing, drying and cleaning them frequently can help in keeping them from getting ruined amid the stormy climate, says a specialist. Narendra Kumar, Creative Director, Amazon Fashion, offers the accompanying tips to shield shoes from getting destroyed: Brush them right …

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In nine steps, make the world a greener space!


It’s anything but difficult to overlook Mumbai’s sweltering summers while delighting in the primary substantial spell of downpour. In any case, Mumbai touched 40.8 degrees this year. Worldwide temperatures have been on an unfaltering ascent, and rising ocean levels can never again be disregarded. Mindful of these actualities, Mumbaibased agriculturist, …

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